10 Tips on How to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

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How to Extend Your Battery Life. Smartphones really have become a must-have item and, apparently, a real time-eater. Since we spend most of our waking hours playing with our gadgets, that battery gets wiped out pretty fast. How to prevent your battery from dying when you need it most? Here is a list of 14 ways you can extend your smartphone’s battery life and have your phone always there for you.
Experiment a little to find which solution is the best one to crack your phone battery dilemma.

Pinpoint which apps reduce battery power. 1:04
Delete the apps you don’t use anymore. 1:22
Turn off phone settings you don’t use. 1:43
Use the auto-brightness mode. 2:09
Always set your battery to power saving mode. 2:30
Ditch the use of vibrate for notifications. 2:59
How to disable “push” notifications for email. 3:35
How to adjust the location settings. 4:29
Don’t talk with Siri or OK Google all the time. 4:50
Lower the screen timeout. 5:14
Don’t keep it on the charger if it’s already fully charged. 5:54
Your phone doesn’t need to recharge 100%. 6:18
Use every occasion to charge your phone. 6:49
Avoid overheating your smartphone. 7:11


-You’d better close the top 3 or 5 energy-sucking apps if you’re not using them at the moment.
-Delete the games and apps you haven’t used in months. Remember, the more mobile apps you’ve installed, the bigger the amount of energy they consume.
-Turn off settings you rarely use, like Bluetooth, mobile data, and reading mode. Wi-Fi could be an exception here, but it’s better to switch it off anyway.
-Cut the brightness down to about 30 to 50%, or take advantage of your phone’s auto-brightness feature.
-Whether you’re an iPhone user and you know it as “Low Power Mode” or you prefer Android and call it “Power Saver”, turn it on to maximize your battery life.
-Believe it or not, the vibration mode takes a bigger toll on your battery life than your ringtone.
-Turn off “Push” notifications on your email settings. This simple trick can also boost your phone’s battery life.
-Tweak Location Services and use them sparingly. You can also choose which of your apps can use this feature.
-Go ahead and disable the setting “Listen for Hey Siri” or “From the Google app” if you’re looking to extend your battery life.
-If you’re like the majority of us who forget to turn the display off when we set our phone down, then you might wanna put the screen timeout to the lowest setting possible.
-Overcharging can definitely damage the battery, so be careful.
-Pull the cord when it reaches 80% and recharge before it drops to 20%.
-Whenever you’re playing games or typing a text, go ahead and plug it into the charger.
-Apple actually recommends that their customers remove the case while charging their phone.

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