6 Secrets of an Airplane's 'Black Box'

Black box is a flight recorder which mainly consists of two elements : Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR). Although it is known as black box but it is of orange color. It is very necessary for aircraft as it is an electronic recording device that preserves the recent history of an aircraft. It is very helpful in detecting the location of any crashed aircraft during aviation accidents and incidents.

Black boxes are orange in color so that they should easily be identified during an aircraft accident. Black boxes not only help in tracing the location of any crashed aircraft but also help in investigating the reason behind the accident.

Black box collects several information on the basis of many parameters every second about the aircraft in which it is placed.

Black box are fitted in aircraft by international regulations which are overseen by International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Black boxes are not black.

Flight recorders must be highly visible to aid in quick location and recovery, so they're actually a very eye-catching shade of orange. Tony Nardone, president at L3 Aviation Products, tells Condé Nast Traveler that "all recorders are painted bright orange and have reflective striping similar to road signs, which aids in visual identification." The term "black box," says Nardone, is widely-accepted after having been "popularized by media coverage over the years," but it originated with the black color of a recorder, nicknamed the "Mata Hari," made by Finnish aviation engineer Veijo Hietala in 1942.

There are two black boxes. The Cockpit voice Recorder(CVR) and The Flight Data Recorder(FDR). As the name suggest, a CVR is used to record the on board communication between the pilots and the Air Traffic Control(ATC). The FDR constantly records every single electronic things (like engine power,speed,etc…)

A black box is not actually black in color. It is usually given a contrasting color(Orange) to stand out in case of air disasters. A black box is actually one of the most toughest things in an entire aircraft and it can withstand extreme temperatures, is water proof , cold resistant,etc… The main application of the black box is in air crash investigations just because it records every information and an ACI can use it to picture out what exactly went wrong in a plane.There are many air disasters in which the cause were actually found by decoding the black box. And in case of an air disaster, the first thing ACIs will try to do is to retrieve black boxes.

They’ve been recording since the dawn of the jet age.

According to flight recorder producer Curtiss-Wright, the first of the truly modern style of recorders, with reusable memory and impact protections, was introduced in 1957, the same year Boeing debuted the 707 and kicked the jet age into high gear. It utilized magnetic tape recording and was the first to combine the storage of both information from flight instruments and cockpit voice recording. These days, recorders employ flash-memory-based, solid-state technology for the recording, which is much more reliable.

And other incredible facts about flight data recorders.

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